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Jet Elevator India

We have designed our home lifts as per European standards that are a World Class quality with your home in mind. We know that every home is unique. There for we have put great emphasis on making a good looking lift that is adaptable to your interior and your personal style. JET revolutionary home lifts system combine style and functionality for any house or apartment, whether you are looking for future proofing your home or simply enjoy the modern living. Thanks to the unique screw and nut technology. The Key to our success lies in our ability to provide world class solutions that suit any needs, complemented with exceptional after sales service and trained technicians at your call 24 X 7.

Our Italian Associate

Hydraulic Home Lift

GMV Group SPA Italy No. 1 in the world. GMV is the world’s largest manufacturer of Hydraulic Lift more than 8,00,000 (8 Lakhs) Elevator in world are equipped with GMV Hydraulics Since 1958. www.gmv-fr.com

Our Indian Associate

Hydraulic Home Lift

DSA The elevators are designed as per European standards that are a World Class quality . The elevators are manufactured in India by DSA Group Large scale manufacturing with modern manufacturing facility at Wada . The manufacturing is so precise that all the products are with ‘zero’ defects.